Titan Punk


Giant monster smash'em up.  Wreck homes, eat puny humans and smash enemies.

Titan Punk was made in Unity 2D and runs with UnityWebGL (in browsers).
Itch.io Page
Direct Link to game

The game still in a early prototypes  stage. Many of the art assets are place holders, and the game currently has no sound (just ominous menu music).

Apperciate any roasting!

Version Demo 1.3 changes:

  • Added sound effects for player actions, enemy actions, destruction and civilians.
  • Added background music to stages.
  • Added third level.
  • Added a new unlock-able Titan ability: Rolling Grab (is still work in progress)
  • Changed AI Logic of enemy truck turret. Will now properly flee and avoid being crushed by player.
  • Made civilian protesters intractable.
  • Cleaned up Final Score page.  Moved links to below game window.


GhostStreetGames 3 months ago

Level Design Mechanics
I played it all the way to the end and I was definitely coasting on my nostalgic feelings towards Rampage from RareWare. Sliding around and tossing civilians was pretty entertaining. Keep at it! Can't wait to see the final

Orsailius 1 month ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Animation
Cool game, smashing stuff is fun! Liked the sound effects and the control instructions.

When you right click, the titan's head disappears for a few frames. Also the frame rate on the titan seems kinda low.
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