Swinging Steve


Swinging Steve is a difficult, fast paced, endless swinging game which has you using nothing but a rope and gravity to help Steve swing over and under logs, all while trying to keep in front of the grumpy bird. Players earn coins depending on their score and these coins can be used to unlock additional characters. There are four possible character (three of which need to be unlocked), each with their own method of getting through the log gaps.

Swinging Steve is a family friendly game aimed at the casual gamer who has a few minutes to spare and wants a challenge. It's perfect for those long bus rides, the boring waiting rooms or anytime where you have a few minutes to spare. Although each play-through is short, you'll constantly be wanting just "one more go".

Learn to swing. Want to swing. Live to swing!

~~~~~~~~~~Starting Tips ~~~~~~~~~~

I have been told that it’s challenging getting used to the controls at the start so here are a few pointers:

  1. Watch the example to get an idea of how the game works.
  2. Go slow while you’re still getting used to the controls. Clicking the ceiling approx. 1cm either side of Steve will give you a slower and more controlled swing.
  3. You will need to use the "lengthen rope" and "shorten rope" buttons often so get comfortable with them. Also, you don’t need to constantly tap these buttons, holding works.
  4. Try not to stay directly between logs for more than a second. It will severely limit your options.

- New Characters
- New Outfits
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Cogh 8 years ago

UI Graphics Animation
Straight roast:
You had to add 'grumpy bird' to your description for SEO attention.

Honest feedback:
For a game this simple, you really need to add some juice (Google 'game juice'). Particle effects, decent animation, more intriguing font. Make the coins sparkle and spin. If you can't afford animation for the character, make him blink. Make his scale change as he moves. Everything looks like cardboard. Also the music is decent; good job.

Mattyds 8 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion! Animation really isn't my strong point but I definitely agree that it would help make the game feel like something is actually happening and that the characters are alive.

seanw265 8 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
I like it it looks like an interesting idea. However it comes across as just another flappy bird clone. Maybe add levels that aren't just "move right."

keravcin 8 years ago

Mechanics Animation
Only going off the trailer: I think core gameplay is great, but I believe that it would be even better if it was faster paced and the swinging was really smooth feeling and tight to control. I also agree with Cogh about game feel, the UI needs transitions and more richness to feedback to actions occurring. Also, some sound effects (not sure if its just because of the trailer they are excluded).
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