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UI Graphics Animation

Straight roast:
You had to add 'grumpy bird' to your description for SEO attention.

Honest feedback:
For a game this simple, you really need to add some juice (Google 'game juice'). Particle effects, decent animation, more intriguing font. Make the coins sparkle and spin. If you can't afford animation for the character, make him blink. Make his scale change as he moves. Everything looks like cardboard. Also the music is decent; good job.

8 years ago
Game Graphics Physics

Straight roast:
With some hard work and dedication, you potentially have some YouTube fodder.

Honest critique:
Your game has one button, so at the moment it's extremely simple. If you added more to the mechanic, I'd say your game would become cluttered. However, your graphical style would do service to a good physics implementation. Add more dynamic food, a ragdoll baby head and broken scenery - you have a hit for the Let's Players.

8 years ago

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