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Juno Jump

DescriptionJuno Jump is an endless High-score challenge Platformer.Using a simple 1-touch control scheme, jump your way through endless platforms, while avoiding obstacles and collecting Candy for score.Beat the challenge score to level up, increasing the challenge evermore! Compete with your friends for the highest score and the highest level.Features Endless randomly generated platforms and obstacles Highly challenging and intense Four Power-ups to activate Easy to learn, hard to master Prize spinner. Win Power-ups and Gems Simple and tight controls Leaderboards Free to play!

Mechanics Animation

Only going off the trailer: I think core gameplay is great, but I believe that it would be even better if it was faster paced and the swinging was really smooth feeling and tight to control. I also agree with Cogh about game feel, the UI needs transitions and more richness to feedback to actions occurring. Also, some sound effects (not sure if its just because of the trailer they are excluded).

8 years ago

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback!

I assume you played the iOS version, which is currently the most behind in updates due to apple taking up to a week to approve updates. Be assured I have changed the difficulty curve, and I would love to hear your feedback on it too, it may be a few days until it become available on iOS.
Regards power-ups, there are no collectible power-ups within the run, but you can win some from the free prize spin offers (where you watch an ad to get a free spin).
14-15 is a great score! Thanks for playing and the feedback :)

8 years ago

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