Sqroma is a puzzle game where you have to dodge the colored ennemies to reach the end. You'll be able to make the ennemies kill themself or becoming yourself colored and pass through them and their shots.

Actually in progress ! But the base graphism should stay, a bit more juicy things to be added, shadow and all. There's actually 7 levels to play and get the base concept of the game!

Graphics updated.
End of the flat squares and triangles.
A bit of animation under the collectible.

-A real start and end


-More levels

-More mecanism

-More juiciness


roomahgaming 3 weeks ago

Level Design Game Graphics
Firstly, I was fooled by the graphics, I thought it would be an easy game. It is rather challenging. That's what I like about the game. You might think you would rushed the game, yet at some point you need to take a moment to figure the flow before reaching your objective. The graphic is actually fine, although I think it would be better if it has a theme of it's own rather than boxes and triangles. Alien dungeon maybe, the alien shoots projectile? I don't know, perhaps you could make every level having different theme if you want. It will look more appealing. Adding variety of obstacles and objective would make the game much better too.

Woum 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the roast, it's a prototype mostly to gather people reaction about the core concept. I think it can still be nice with minimalist graphics, but it needs a refine (that's actually what I'm working on, like you, most people are a bit disappointed by the graphics).

Ayush_Dutt1 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics
Good game
Good going
G3 Rule of mine

Woum 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the roast, I'll update the graphics for the next version and I'll be happy to have a feedback again about thoses :)

Ayush_Dutt1 2 weeks ago

Yes, Graspy for sure....
Roast Em

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