Sports RPG


Welcome to Sports RPG! Take yourself on a journey from High School to the Pro's in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Your bodies Durability will constantly be tested and Career-Ending injuries WILL be your ultimate downfall. Be sure to explore all the town has to offer for your journey to be the best superstar athlete in the world. THIS IS ALPHA V 0.2, I would love for you to Roast My Game, Thank you.

Sports RPG DEVLOG #01 - Alpha Build 0.2

-New UI

-Save/Load works, hit Continue

-Better Tutorial, still needs work

-Bug fixes

-Prestige Points (PP) earned upon Career-ending injury for next playthrough

New update every week for the next 8 weeks.


Div_Sharp 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
There are many aspects you should improve but. I mostly hated the UI part of the game.

KlockedOutGames 1 week ago

Appreciate the feedback, im gonna get rid of the green and test some better colors. Thanks for playing

thepowerlies 1 week ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics
Your game could use a lot of improvements.
One of the most important one would be rotating the map for 45 degrees because it's kinda uncomfortable and confusing when you press down and it is going to left (between left and down)

KlockedOutGames 1 week ago

Thank you so much for that feedback, i will iterate and update here soon!


Mystere 1 week ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
-There is no durability loss for chopping trees? Maybe could be another reason to get the second job, no durability loss?
-After cutting down trees i keep forgetting to rest, and head back from my house back to the ladies house. Not really a problem just got annoyed. lol.
-From where you come out, if you go left, it goes back into the house
-You can walk through fences?
-House entry hitbox extends out left too far, can get inside from left of house
-Maybe a real FB game should be 6 energy?
-Maybe fans start to appear in stands when you get more fans? ( I like the money gained from fans, significant income!)
-Maybe durability training will increase your current durability?
Nice Job!

KlockedOutGames 1 week ago

Thank you for playing and breaking down so much, appreciate that.
i will consider everything you said and a new update will be coming soon.


Awesome 5 days ago

Game Graphics
GREAT graphics and great game

Nabeel 4 days ago

UI Graphics Game Graphics
Your game could use a lot of improvements.
But overall it was good.
You can walk through fences?

JustinKlasnicDev 3 days ago

Level Design
very good game, but could get some better graphics

BazeFTE 3 days ago

Level Design Game Graphics
you cloud make better graphic and improve avatar picture and maybe add that you can customize your avatar and add more sports like basketball golf etc
Roast Em