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Sports RPG

Welcome to Sports RPG! Take yourself on a journey from High School to the Pro's in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Your bodies Durability will constantly be tested and Career-Ending injuries WILL be your ultimate downfall. Be sure to explore all the town has to offer for your journey to be the best superstar athlete in the world. THIS IS ALPHA V 0.2, I would love for you to Roast My Game, Thank you.

Game Graphics Mechanics

It did not work, there never was a person a the screen, not sure how to fix that. Tried it twice.

2 weeks ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Story/Writing/Dialogue

Was a decent little game, maybe the rain could be more responsive to where i want it to go, like slightly in front of where it goes.

2 weeks ago

Windows 10, i can click play but then then the level appears with no player on screen.

2 weeks ago

Appreciate the feedback, im gonna get rid of the green and test some better colors. Thanks for playing

1 week ago

Thank you so much for that feedback, i will iterate and update here soon!

1 week ago

Thank you for playing and breaking down so much, appreciate that.
i will consider everything you said and a new update will be coming soon.

1 week ago

Sports RPG