Sentient Freedom


An ancient facility forgotten by time mysteriously comes to life 
As a single robot rises within the depths of it. Lost by its surroundings, carefully and scared even, it tries to drag its body through the maze, trying to discover the world he woke up into. 
Sentient Freedom is a 3D platformer that focuses on the story of a tiny robot as it wakes up in a dark and ruined facility. It remains for you to help him explore it and find its way out of it. Passing through a series of platforms and mazes that can prove a challenge to our small friend.

-Created the whole game.
-Core Mechanics(jumping, moving, transforming into tank, shooting).
-Ending Cutscene.

-Rework almost every art.
-Change the levels so to be better for the player.
-Make a better camera.
-Pass a dark enviroment.
-More cutscenes.
-More animations.


jsalex7 1 month ago

Game Graphics Controls
Nice game and I love the atmosphere! Good level design and this transform mechanic is really great. The Contra: The control is hard to learn, maybe you can change the perspective angle. When I'm playing I can't saw the distance between the platforms if they are not in the same plain. Tip: You can make the laser sight to infinite long!

Roadster 1 month ago

It's looking like a good fresh game..
It something lags when moving...
Otherwise, everything is going well.
Good work...

fastking 1 month ago

Controls Game Graphics
graphics are not that good. It may need to be changed to attract much players

Ayush_Dutt1 1 month ago

Going to be more.
Good work man and game.
G3 Rule of mine Oh Hoy....
Roast Em


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