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Save the last astronaut!In this retro-style platformer game you can try it yourself in the space to take home the last astronaut.

Game Graphics Game Graphics

Your game is very cute. The graphics for this type of game is so cool! The mechanics are good for a platformer and the music was good and chill. The menu is funny , too. The bad points: The first level is so hard for beginning the game. The pixel art is very good for a platformer game but good practice to use the same pixel ratio in all sprites of the game. If it is not a roguelike game, you can make some checkpoint to the levels or make some shorter map.
All in all I like it, good job!

1 week ago

Please upload your game in the edits ;D

1 week ago
Game Graphics Controls

Nice game and I love the atmosphere! Good level design and this transform mechanic is really great. The Contra: The control is hard to learn, maybe you can change the perspective angle. When I'm playing I can't saw the distance between the platforms if they are not in the same plain. Tip: You can make the laser sight to infinite long!

1 week ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

This is a perfect game! The music, the graphisc are fantastic, and the gameplay is really enjoyable. The only thing you can improve is the polishing. maybe the loading screens and story elements can be faster! I like it!

1 week ago

I will polish my game in the next update soon, thank you for the roast!

3 days ago

Serenade of the Sirens