Reach to the top of the tower to get a strange golden artifact. But be careful, because the tower is filled with a lot of enemies and diferrents traps. There are 16 levels in total (which 2 of them are nothing but lives): Nü = 6 lvls (the sixth one gives you 3 lives) Lambda = 7 lvls (the seventh gives you 3 lives) Delta = 3 lvls (the last one is the final boss)


Hi everybody! as you can see i made some changes to my game in order to improve the game experience. 

I've received some feedbacks for players and they told me about some struggles in the gameplay. I'm completely new in the game's development and this was going to happen sooner or later so i understand their opinions

That's why i decided to make a few changes to offer a better product:


                 . Some ghozt's spots were removed 

                 . The invisible blocks from level 5 were replaced for statics blocks

                 . Some minus (the square enemy) were removed


                 . The block with spikes from level 6 (the one which was at the end of the level) and 8 (the one with the at the right side) were removed

                 . The krow's speed and zul's speed(the red ghost) were decreased for 8%

                 . The platforms' fall speed from level 11 were decreased around 36% 

                 . Some inverted platforms near of the end of the level 7 became statics

                 . The small green platforms from level 8 were replaced for a large bloc


                 . Some exhaust fans were removed in the penultimate level

I apreciate yours feedbacks and if there is another problem, please let me know!


serjikshere 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
pretty good keep up the good work

damianh82 1 year ago

Level Design Game Graphics
The Levels are quite interesting, I was surprised. The checkpoint after you died are too far away in my opinion, this makes trying a difficult passage frustrating. Also graphics and physics need some more polish.

damianh82 1 year ago

P.S. Sometimes the black ninjas appear and sometimes not, is this a bug? It's also confusing that you can be hit by the spikes when you are moving away from them, this could be because i'm used to the spike-behaviour of sonic the the hedgehog.

kvnrot 1 year ago

hi, appreciate your comment! here is some items about what you wrote:
. i'm glad that you find interesting the levels, it took me a lot of time in order to make them great
. i decided to not add checkpoints because the game duration. But , in order to fill that gap, i've set the player a lot of lives
. Actually those enemies are not ninjas, they are just shadows (but i find interesting your interpretation indeed). And don't worry it's not a bug, it's just a kind of "surprise element" which it can happen randomly whenever a level is loaded.
. the player have instant-death whenever is hit by an enemy or spike itself. So there is not invencibility stuff


kvnrot 1 year ago

And yes i have to improve more about the graphics and physics (im kinda sucks as an artist and that was my best try haha)
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