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Reach to the top of the tower to get a strange golden artifact. But be careful, because the tower is filled with a lot of enemies and diferrents traps. There are 16 levels in total (which 2 of them are nothing but lives): Nü = 6 lvls (the sixth one gives you 3 lives) Lambda = 7 lvls (the seventh gives you 3 lives) Delta = 3 lvls (the last one is the final boss)UPDATE: NOW AVAILABLE ON GAMEJOLT https://gamejolt.com/games/RUCK/770290

Animation Controls

i like the minimalis aesthethic of the game and it have nice animation, the gameplay is basic but effective. My main problem are the controls with sometimes it feels a little rough and the projectiles should be more opaque because (at least in my case) its hard to see with the pink background. but yeah after all is a nice game!

1 year ago

hi, appreciate your comment! here is some items about what you wrote:
. i'm glad that you find interesting the levels, it took me a lot of time in order to make them great
. i decided to not add checkpoints because the game duration. But , in order to fill that gap, i've set the player a lot of lives
. Actually those enemies are not ninjas, they are just shadows (but i find interesting your interpretation indeed). And don't worry it's not a bug, it's just a kind of "surprise element" which it can happen randomly whenever a level is loaded.
. the player have instant-death whenever is hit by an enemy or spike itself. So there is not invencibility stuff

1 year ago

And yes i have to improve more about the graphics and physics (im kinda sucks as an artist and that was my best try haha)

1 year ago


Manilla in Pocket Wonder