A game inspired by the classic game "Deflektor" by Costa Panayi, but with new levels and game elements.

As owner of the "RoboKlinik" robot clinic, you have to fix every robot that comes to you, by restoring the laser connectivity inside them, and cleaning the radioactive wastes that the robots generate.

Rotate the mirrors to reflect the laser beam and aim at the next element, until you reach the beam receiver. Use correctly the beam polarizers, optic fibers, switches, and all the robot elements.


BinaryMonks 4 years ago

Hey there,

Nice game! You mention it is a clone of an older game. Either way, seems like a good implementation.

- Too much blueish neon. Probably a personal taste thing, but colour is being underutilised to attract attention to things or to differentiate things I think.
- On a samsung note 4 the banner add is in a very irritating place. I understand that screen real estate is a tricky thing to deal with. On mobile, a banner add is best suited to a portrait orientation. If you cannot do portrait you need to ask if the revenue it will generate is worth the damage it does on the impression of your game.
- Button to select robot was very buggy. Not sure what part I had to press, but it took several goes. I went back to test again, and same thing. Still don't know what part of the button I pressed to go to next screen.

LUPA 3 years ago

Thank you very much for the comments.

I guess I will finally remove the banner: As you said, the revenue don't worth the damage it does. Thank you :-)

I'll take a look on robot selection button, to improve press detection.

Thank you again, and sorry for my delay in answer (I've been 2 weeks "offline", as I had a broken arm)
Roast Em

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