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BEAM is an arcade puzzler. Think Space Invaders that ate Tetris, with Lasers.   Puzzle Heads are invading with their light mazes. Fortunately you are equipped with an amazing combination of mirrors and the beam. Reflect the BEAM to find the Puzzle Head's weak spots. Your lives are also mirrors, but use them wisely.Level 15 and up still need a lot of work. I know this. It is not finished yet.

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I am not a huge fan of tap-tap games, but this one is quite a novel member of the genre :D I like it.
Some feedback/questions:
- What am I progressing towards with the pie chart?
- You should not show adverts after I push play to start a new game.
- I am not entirely sure what the hammer power up does? I can tap anywhere and I will hit my target? If that is the case, I am not sure how it could be better conveyed... some autopilot targeting symbol... might just be personal to me though.

Not game play related but:
- Why do you need permissions to manage my calls and access my media?
- It is polite to ask if people want to be signed into play services :D

3 years ago

Ah, just read your description for the whack a shape hammer. My bad.

3 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design

The video of the game play had a much better sense of suspense then the game itself. The video did a good job of that, so it had some promise as a horror.

The main reason the game itself failed to raise the suspense was because it was drowned out by frustration. The torch did not work. Or if it did, and I needed to do something to activate it I could not figure it out. Without the torch, no chance of navigating a maze in the dark = frustrating.

Seems like you are doing this for a school project? If so, not a bad job. Fix the torch ( or add some control instructions). Off to a nice start.

3 years ago

Hey there,

Nice game! You mention it is a clone of an older game. Either way, seems like a good implementation.

- Too much blueish neon. Probably a personal taste thing, but colour is being underutilised to attract attention to things or to differentiate things I think.
- On a samsung note 4 the banner add is in a very irritating place. I understand that screen real estate is a tricky thing to deal with. On mobile, a banner add is best suited to a portrait orientation. If you cannot do portrait you need to ask if the revenue it will generate is worth the damage it does on the impression of your game.
- Button to select robot was very buggy. Not sure what part I had to press, but it took several goes. I went back to test again, and same thing. Still don't know what part of the button I pressed to go to next screen.

3 years ago

Dig the game!

The UI is good. The idea is simple but fun. You have implemented it in a nice clean way.

I found that I was expecting the balls to hit the laser though, so I was changing colours to early and losing life, thinking that I had matched the ball already.

Last thing, all colours = white, not black. Took me a while to realise this was backwards.

3 years ago

Ah, cool. I was thinking of the actual light spectrum. And Lasers. :)

3 years ago

Nice! Was not trying to give you a hard time. It is a great little fast thinking game.

3 years ago


A true and innovative extension of the classic.

Not much to roast, because there does not look to be anything you have done badly. So some improvements and questions.

Sound, music? Enhance the atmosphere, krank the feed back.

I could not tell if the was a time pressure. Is this still am showmen of the game?

Further mechanics. Rewards for blocking over areas/patterns other than blocks? , temporary obstacles.

Good luck

3 years ago

Sorry, some predictive text in there

3 years ago

Maybe a different name? Block builder does not grab me. This is subjective, and I am one to talk with a single word name which is quite plain.

3 years ago

Hey! Thanks for giving the first roast. Much appreciated.

Your point about the life crystals is a good one. I have really deliberated over how to use them. The attack from the top I think is important. I do not want to lose that. Which is why the free moving crystal is needed.

The random generation of puzzles ensures that there is always a way to destroy everything - no closed cells. But it means that the open side can on occasion be the top side (there are also puzzles which only have an opening at the top - these are bastards I know, might get rid of all of these).

Then there are other mechanics - for example bombs. These can be good or bad. Bad bombs destroy angles that you need to get to a puzzle head. But - if the life crystals do not pop if they touch puzzles you can just shove one of those in there and an important mechanic (bad bombs) is broken.

These are opposing forces in the game play. But I still really do value your point about the life crystals being frustrating. So - I am thinking that I need to soften the punishment.

What if i made it so that the life crystals are not destroyed if they touch, but they simply return to the stack? So the only way to loose lives is if the puzzles reach the bottom. I could also reduce the size of the crystal while it is in play (I did recently enlarge it to give a bigger reflective surface)?

Would be great to hear your thoughts on these options.

3 years ago

Block Builder