Fight your friends by creating bullet hell! This game is a local 2-4 player arena game currently in development. I'm making this game by myself with not a whole lot of people to play it with so any feedback would be super helpful!

I also update the game weekly and record changes in an active changelog.

  • New spells: Skybrush, Magic Missile, and Meteor

  • Changed Intensity to Spell Power on the menu

  • Swapped focus and fast movement on keyboard controls

  • Lowered power of Bubbler slightly

  • Fixed bug with round counter not resetting

  • More spells

  • Hopefully better wizard graphics


SuperJustin5000 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics Reply

pikeface 5 years ago

Game Graphics
The game sprites look pretty poor. I can see an "H" on most of them, but the white on yellow makes it difficult to see.

Gman8r 5 years ago

The in-game sprites are actually slightly different now. The H's are darker instead of white. I should really change the screenshots to reflect that though. I would recommend firing it up and looking at it a bit before fully judging the graphics, but it's a fair assessment that my promotional art needs work. Art assets are really not my strong suit, and while I've been trying my hardest to make the game look good in its movements and spells, I still haven't figured out the wizards yet. Anyway thanks for the feedback!

dadimac 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Over The Top! Very simple game with in-dev graphics, I like the idea of a bullet-hell being created by the players, rather than the baddies you fight. You need to create an "arena" or setting, and work on those graphics.

SilentKiller 3 years ago

Please get a link to the computer it looks super fun and I want to play it.

BoiBouttaCookYou 3 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
lmao tf is this shit. The sprites look like Black Harry Potters. Niggas look like them Hogwarts rejects.

now, the game is very amazing in terms of gameplay, a multiplayer bullet hell. I like it. Might even steal it. But the graphics are very sub-par, it needs the most work. Changes to the background maybe?

BoiBouttaCookYou 3 years ago

thought they were black. nvm.

JoeJoeh 2 weeks ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
This game is really fun! ugly but fun as fuck. you had a great idea in mind, but if you hire a level designer to make the level more interesting and also, hire a sprite designer. But good shit!
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