Pokemon ASCII Battle Game!


Choose your Character & Start your journey:

  • Use Pikachu, Charizard, and Eevee all the way up to rare legendaries Zapdos, Mew and Mewtwo---all in full HD text-art glory!
  • Fight using over 300 attacks in intense 1-on-1 battles with full sounds effects for every attack move---Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic and more types to unlock and explore.

  1. Source Code (C#), so anyone and everyone can to build their own text-art battle game!
  2. Over 300 Sound Effects---Gen I to Gen V cries and attack SFX!
  3. Pokémon ASCII Text-Art Collection, an exclusive master-set of all Pokémon ascii art up to Gen V---want 18 unique Pikachu in cute text-art form? Got it!
Watch Play-through Gameplay Videos
Download Pokemon Sound Effects Collection:


jasdevelop 1 year ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Wow, this is such a cool game idea! And...did you make all of that ascii art yourself? Seriously, they're incredibly impressive, so if you did - nice work!

From the gameplay video, it looks like a really fun game. Any chance that there will be a web hosted version of the game I could try out? To be honest I'm not great at paying attention to text/ascii flying past in a video, but I'm also not big on downloading games (though may have to make an exception for this one) . From what I understood from it, the battling was very cool. Felt amazingly action-packed for a text game. It wasn't immediately apparent how battles were different/how the game progressed though. Can you catch pokemon instead of wearing them down completely? Evolve or level up your team? All I could really understand was the play-by-play gameplay of a battle, which to be fair was super cool, but by itself without a clear indication of the progression might wear down fast. In any case, can I just say - the amount of work that went into the stellar sound and art experience is mindboggling to me haha.

All in all - really impressive!

BellBlitzKing 1 year ago

@JasDevelop, all the ASCII art is included in the Download! I created the attack ASCII and Maija created the Pokemon.

You'll have to download to get the full experience and see how the player progresses. That's is core gameplay trailer, play-by-play is the aim. The player does level up! You'll have to try it out to see the progression. It's no installation, just download then lauch & play----it's an .exe game, so a web hosted version is out of scope to completely reprogram.

Thanks for your feedback based on the video.

G3ronimo 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics

I completed around 15 matches.

I like the art work, you have done a very good job. Sounds bring back some memories. There is a lot of pokemon and attacks to choose from (maybe too much).

The game seems only to be comparing stats and it does not have any strategic aspect. I mean, is there any point of using weaker attack? Are there any other effects except for damaging enemy pokemon? Also, weaknesses and resistances does not seem to be in place. Or did I miss something?

BellBlitzKing 1 year ago

Thanks G3ronimo for playing! The Tutorial tells players there are no effects, weaknesses or type advantages. It's entended.

This is mean't to be a core slice of the experience from the Gameboy games----attacking, damaging, dozen of Pokemon and plenty of sounds/sights from the original series. Adding in every single mechanic from the games is over-scoping---otherwise people can just go to an emulator.

"Sound bring back some memories"---Yes! That's the goal---a slice of nostalgia.

G3ronimo 1 year ago


I guess I skipped tutorial :) Well, people can just go to emulator, but they would have to catch and train their pokemon first. You do not have to add every single mechanic, you can create a few of your own.
I would like to have feeling like I have some control of what is happening, that is all I am saying.

BellBlitzKing 1 year ago

Thanks G3, that's an good idea for when I do another major update. There's the original 151 Pokemon in the game from Gen I---when adding Gen II some new mechanics will have to come into play with more characters.

NebulateMe 9 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
I looked at all elements of your game. I really like nice askii art. Sounds and music also very good. Especially good sound effects of pokemon attacks.
I would recommend to think about story mode. The game can be turned into a good text quest with forks and dialogs.

BellBlitzKing 9 months ago

Thanks for playing NebulateMe! The game comes with all the ASCII art included, so anyone is free to try to build their own text-based adventure story game out of them. You can also get the full set of 3200 Pokemon Sound Effects for free:
Roast Em