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Kingdom Guardian

Kingdom Guardian is a strategy/tower defense game inspired by Plants VS Zombies game. All units, enemies and items are unlocked for this version.Features:16 defenders12 attackers7 usables/items1 playable missionsimple graphicssave/load checkpoint systemencyclopedia with units descriptionkey shortcutsno sound

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I completed around 15 matches.

I like the art work, you have done a very good job. Sounds bring back some memories. There is a lot of pokemon and attacks to choose from (maybe too much).

The game seems only to be comparing stats and it does not have any strategic aspect. I mean, is there any point of using weaker attack? Are there any other effects except for damaging enemy pokemon? Also, weaknesses and resistances does not seem to be in place. Or did I miss something?

1 year ago


I guess I skipped tutorial :) Well, people can just go to emulator, but they would have to catch and train their pokemon first. You do not have to add every single mechanic, you can create a few of your own.
I would like to have feeling like I have some control of what is happening, that is all I am saying.

1 year ago

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