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Ramen Shop Clicker Collectible Game

Check it out on the Google Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JasDevelop.RamenShopClickerOpen up your very own ramen shop and destress with this relaxing idle clicker game! Ramen Shop Clicker Game features an easy-to-play tap to progress mechanic, fun autoclicker snacks to unlock and discover, areas to explore, coins to collect - and a whole lot of tapping clicker fun! Relaxing music, beautiful graphics, and everything you need to enjoy owning your very own ramen shop. 

Game Graphics Level Design

Wow, this is such a cool game idea! And...did you make all of that ascii art yourself? Seriously, they're incredibly impressive, so if you did - nice work!

From the gameplay video, it looks like a really fun game. Any chance that there will be a web hosted version of the game I could try out? To be honest I'm not great at paying attention to text/ascii flying past in a video, but I'm also not big on downloading games (though may have to make an exception for this one) . From what I understood from it, the battling was very cool. Felt amazingly action-packed for a text game. It wasn't immediately apparent how battles were different/how the game progressed though. Can you catch pokemon instead of wearing them down completely? Evolve or level up your team? All I could really understand was the play-by-play gameplay of a battle, which to be fair was super cool, but by itself without a clear indication of the progression might wear down fast. In any case, can I just say - the amount of work that went into the stellar sound and art experience is mindboggling to me haha.

All in all - really impressive!

1 year ago

Huh, formatting came out strangely. Also a link to the game itself if you're interested

1 year ago

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