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Blocky Park

Blocky Park endless zigzag runner. A game to test your timing as you jump gaps, turn corners, dodge swooping birds and leg it from angry bulls.


Soon there will be a revolution, Mass transportation has hit the skies. "Pods" have taken over as the top mode of transport. The car is dead. Illegal racing is popular, and fatalities have soared. Fed up with these activities, authorities have run Pod racers out of town. They have taken to the deserts and oceans.   This arrangement has been working well, but a disturbing and deadly new sport is emerging.   They call it - Podageddon

Game Graphics Controls

I was drawn to this game as i like the ballpoint pen graphics, unfortunately I'm on iOS, so i couldn't play. So graphics are enticing, but is there any plans for iOS. Also the controls look like they may be tricky. Good job

6 months ago
Game Graphics Animation

Nice graphics and presented well. But please, an animation for when you die. I did like the animation otherwise.
Also, the game menu was cluttered and i just really skipped all that. After playing again it was clearer to me, but maybe consider not showing it until the player is a bit more invested in the game, maybe on the second time around.
But its a fun game that looks really nice. Good job

6 months ago

Hi, thanks for roasting my game. You raise some good points that will help me in future. Thanks again

6 months ago

Hey thanks for roasting, yeah I'm no artist! I used Xcode and SpriteKit for this game. Cheers

5 months ago
Game Graphics Controls

Tried to play but did not work! Im on MacBook Pro with sierra 10.12.1 in safari 10.0.1, webGL enabled.

Pity, the graphics look awesome. I just selected Controls for needs most work because i couldn't play but ignore that.

5 months ago

Hey thanks for playing and roasting. You bring up some great points and have taken them on board for the update.

I have changed the collision physics to make it easier, now you need to have a direct strike with something solid to explode. Trees can now be pushed over and getting tangled up with the bots is easier to get out of.

I will put the gyro controls in as well, if I can tune it right it should be awesome.

Thanks again!

1 week ago

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