Nämm-Nämm is a single-player educational game (in Estonian) about a bunny Miku trying to find food. It is a maze style game where objects are scattered around the map, and the player has to find the correct food items for the bunny. There are also foods like candy that the bunny doesn’t eat, but beware, there might be enemies lurking around the forest to eat you. Eat or get eaten.

The game aims to support the development of kindergarten students' reading skills and enrich the vocabulary (Estonian as a second language). At the same time, it’s possible to learn a thing or two about the food chain. 

Also, there is a voice-over for our very young students.

Link to the game : https://liluo.io/terje88/namm-namm

  • Added an enemy (wolf)
  • Second level requires the player to pick up foods that are written down (pictures are given above)


JoseanCastillo 1 year ago

Level Design Animation
As the main goal before adding more levels, I think you should add animations (tree or four frames, just all) to the main character and enemies. Besides, music, fx sound when you get an item, and a grass background could also be good.

spinxisnothot 11 months ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics
I love how i cant understand shit but still a great game.

Sai18 11 months ago

Animation Animation
Good game but need more characters
Roast Em

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