Update: v2.3.2 released. The update was ready since June6 - 2019.
You can now also play via your browser (online).
  Mwendano (or in short MW) is the logic game for PC (also J2ME version available on my blog) in which player has to move all objects (rings) to the required locations indicated by numbers or circles. You just select single object (ring) to move, then all movable objects of the same type will be moved to that direction.   Move is only possible if there are at least two movable objects. To move, select object (ring)  you want to move then select adjacent empty room or room having no another ring, that the object will be moved to. Only rings can move. You win if all objects (rings) are in the required locations matching by colours or numbers. More information and help are in guide eBook shipped with the game. See it on my blog.  This  game is released for Linux and Windows. But if you have J2ME phone (240x320), you can get it from my blog: http://bitl.y/tehelimu3, the current version is 2.0. Your feedback can help make improve the game.  
As of version 2.3.1 game progress is automatically saved when you quit and restore when you run it. Since version 2.0.1 you can you can view all levels you have solved. Just click trophy icon. You can also reset all records whenever you like. The game still gives you freedom to choose any level and play it.   Background: The word mwendano (from Swahili language) means equivalence or matching). It can be shortened as MW. This is version with wider interface which more is recommended and it is written in c++. The older was written in Python for Windows only, it is with very small interface and it can be found on my  blog. So this wide version is usually shortened as MWD.

- Automatically restore previous game state.
- Game engine similar to that of MwendanoWeb implemented.
- Improvements and bug fix
- Cell highlights now clearly visible
- Added link to play online
- Now you can view records of all solved levels. 
- After winning, just click Enter to start new game.
- More game improvements
NOTE: J2ME version also updated.


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