Mathemechanic is a number puzzle a bit similar as Sudoku since a decision can have consequences at other spots on the game board. The goal is to match the target numbers on the sides for each row and collumn by turning the numbers on the board on or off. I have created 2 game mode, one where you race against the clock and try to win as many boards within the time. The other is normal mode where you can improve your times, I suggest you start with that.

For each mode there are 5 different dimensions and 4 different ranges of numbers. This makes 20 different board combinations per mode. I sugest you start with a 6x6 board with a 1-9 number range.

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A complete overhaul on the GUI. This should make it readable on the smaller and lower resolution devices.

★ Better winning screen.
★ Improved local Leaderboard
★ Google Play Leaderboard.
★ Google Play Achievements.
★ Undo button.
★ All on/off button.


PnutButtrCrepes 1 year ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
First off, let me start off by saying that this game was extremely fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed the puzzles, and being able to control the difficulty of the game board so closely was really a plus: it can appeal to players with many different skill levels! However, there are two major problems with this game's design. First, the buttons and the text in the menus are WAY too small. I, an able-bodied person with decent eyes, had to quint in order to see the game instructions, and the UI just feels haphazardly thrown together. My suggestion would be to learn to use space more effectively. Decide what is important to look at, and then give it more space on the screen; there is so much empty space in the menus. Second, the graphics are really bright. I don't know if this is just me, so take this comment with a grain of salt, but although the game was entertaining, my eyes grew exceedingly tired while playing. The bright whites and blues clashing together made the game painful to look at sometimes. Overall, however, I really like the concept for this game. Fix a few of the UI issues, and I would definitely play it again and recommend it to friends. Also, get that scoreboard implemented: no one likes a game that is halfway done.

buckriderstudio 1 year ago

Thanks a lot for your honest and detailed feedback. I aimed to create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere but I guess I did the opposite. I will attempt a redesign as soon as possible but I'm not a design guy as you noticed :).

buckriderstudio 11 months ago

I have given the GUI a complete make over, I am very pleased with it but I like to know what you think. I removed the scoreboard for now but it is still on the things to do list.

DyingSilence 11 months ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
Very good concept, but completely not my type of game :D
The UI needs some scaling up, on my 3.5" display it's unreadable.

buckriderstudio 11 months ago

Thanks and indeed it's something for puzzle people, I think Sudoku players really like it.

Anyway, your not the first saying the UI is too small and I will be redesigning the UI. The thing is, with the 9x9 and 10x10 I cannor really go bigger or make the camera pan, but that would really break gameplay imho. So for my future UI I will make everything bigger but the 9x9 will only be slightly smaller in size and the 10x10 remain the same. I actually based everything on the 10x10 and have just one bigger font for titles.

leoth-studio 11 months ago

Level Design UI Graphics

I quite agree with above comments.
- First of all, is to make the button and text bigger. But, you need to think on how to implements the 10x10.
- Color palette need to be more appealing, for example you can google 'summer color'. An try to put it on your game
- later down the track - Tutorial, I know, every dev hate it - but, it's important to guide your prospective user to make the learning curve easier. (e.g. you can start with 2x2 or 3x3 grid)

The essence game itself is quite good for those who interested with math problem solving, or sudoku. I'm sure there is going to be people who enjoy it. Plus it has 'something different' to offer as well.

So, keep going! and best of luck

buckriderstudio 11 months ago

Thanks for the comments! I am working hard on a total redesign. Not sure if this post can contain bbcode but otherwise just follow the url if you are curious.


Forget about the green buttons, they still need to be implemented. I didged the 10x10 since I really don't want to make a panning board. I thought about adding a smaller font for the larger devices but I want to treat users equally. The smaller boards now grows to match the width of the screen so for people having trouble with the larger boards can still play fine on smaller boards.

The tutorial is a bit further down the list, I still want to implement a couple of extra comfort features. I will add a proper readable how to play soon for the time.being

buckriderstudio 11 months ago

I finished up the design makeover, I'm interested in your opinion on this. I added before/after screenshots on this site but it would be nice if you could open up the updated version and have a look at the largest board.

leoth-studio 11 months ago

well done! you made a lot of improvements.
the dark theme is look gorgeous, also I see your trying to make animations... nice job!

I tried the 9x9 however still rather small on my 5.5" phone.
Grid 7x7 is the maximum 'comfortable' size that my phone can handle.
probably, you can 'restrict' the 8x8 grid and plus to tablet only, if you want...

buckriderstudio 10 months ago

Thanks! I tested it on a S6 with a 5.1'' screen and 9x9 was perfectly readable. Could it be that your devices resolution is lower then 720p? I made this GUI for 1280x720 and upscaling this was not an issue for my S8 and my wife's Huawei, however I could not test it on a device with lower resolution. Perhaps I can change the scaling filter to get some improvement for your device.

I really need to sort these issues since I am currently prototyping a game much larger in scope and need to nail the resolution. I thought about using a dynamic font that is the same size on each screen but this would change the GUI so much that a small device would look cramped and a large tablet almost empty.

SteamBladeGames 11 months ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
While it's a creative idea, I don't think many people would like to play it because it might get repetitive, and it doesn't suck you in enough. Maybe this kind of game would succeed on a mobile platform. It would certainly do better there than on PC. The main problem I see with it is that a new idea doesn't necessarily make it a good one. But, I would argue that a new idea is still better than an overused and oversaturated one.

buckriderstudio 11 months ago

The best thing about your review is the thumbs up for the GUI graphics since that got the thumbs down prior to the GUI makeover update. I agree about the mechanics, they are a bit dull and I'm personally a fan of deep strategic games. But I believe people that like to play number puzzles like Sudoku or Kakuro will enjoy it, for a while at least. I still got a few features I want to implement and then move on to something different and more challenging as a developer.

Thanks for your honest review.
Roast Em


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