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Divine Clicker

Link to the game: Divine Clicker is a game of the genre "Idle Clicker".   - You have to click the "Creation Book" to start getting Faith and buy upgrades and more creations to gain Power.   - If you unlock the "Portal" build, you will get your own hero to start fighting with other enemies. (In process of being added)   - Prestige and End-Game System. (In process of being added)   - And much more content in the future...

Mechanics Controls

I play it in Itchio website and i could tell you the game has good mechanics, like conquering planets and having conquered planets spawn more ships to conquer more, that's cool.

But I think that the game needs a difficulty selector, for example I have not been able to win even one game out of 10 that I have played, it seems very complicated to me, the mechanics are not entirely clear and the difficulty of the AI ​​seems to be too much. fast for someone who starts playing making it frustrating.

I think it would be a very good game if you keep developing it and fixing the bugs.

Good game.

8 months ago

Divine Clicker