Light Follower


I wonder if the darkness would be the same if we were not alone...

Like a dream, without light, we can only find a way out.

Do not let anyone catch you and steal your light.


Move player: Arrow keys.

Action:  Spacebar.

First Game here! Done in 1 week, work in progress, maybe.

Enjoy and rate, share love.



  • Background music added.
  • Game Logo Updated.
  • Heath display was removed because it was not necessary, but values stay the same.
  • Player sheet changed to black, i give him a light too.
  • Panel sheet updated and light added to the board.
  • Panel switch sound added.
  • Enemies and player random rotation bug fixed.
  • Door open light updated.
  • Most of the scripts were debugged.

New lvls.
New mechanics.


shaaaak 6 months ago

UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
The graphics are amazing and it has lots of potential for a little game that can be played when bored.
I like how the AI shuts off the switch
Very good for a first game
Controls are easy
Pleasing to look at


You should explain how to do things, i learned fast but i dont think others will.
Obliviously more levels, im sure you were gonna add those
More enemies or obstacles
Background and sound effects
Options for ball color or shape

ilen-ce 6 months ago

Hi! i'm currently working in the help system and sounds, i had not thought about the ball shape/colors option! great advice for game feeling.
I definitely keep updating, thank you so much for the roast and good vibe :)


Lab_Rat 6 months ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
I feel like the the game was very short, and that the difficulty ramped up like crazy on the final level. I also feel that there really didn't need to be hp since you die so fast anyways, instead you could have made it so that there was only say 3 hp but rather than the enemies consuming the hp all at once they hit you then you go into invulnerability frames, or you could have just died in one hit. That being said the presentation of the text was nice and the ai had quite a lot going for it. I also like that despite it's length you managed to put in checkpoints. I do enjoy the idea of having to avoid ai and get to the exit quite a lot. I imagine if there were more mechanics added to the game such as patrolling enemies you could potentially make a proper stealth game with the framework you currently have.

ilen-ce 6 months ago

Thanks brother! you're helping me a lot with your comment, i'm very grateful that you like it.
I will definitely add those patrolling enemies to make the game feel more alive, i've been dealing with the health system but I think i can do something with your advice, lot of work to do!
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