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I wonder if the darkness would be the same if we were not alone... Like a dream, without light, we can only find a way out. Do not let anyone catch you and steal your light.   CONTROLS: Move player: Arrow keys. Action:  Spacebar.   First Game here! Done in 1 week, work in progress, maybe. Enjoy and rate, share love.  

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look good but the music stuck in my head, try another one.

7 months ago

Hi! i'm currently working in the help system and sounds, i had not thought about the ball shape/colors option! great advice for game feeling.
I definitely keep updating, thank you so much for the roast and good vibe :)

7 months ago

Thanks brother! you're helping me a lot with your comment, i'm very grateful that you like it.
I will definitely add those patrolling enemies to make the game feel more alive, i've been dealing with the health system but I think i can do something with your advice, lot of work to do!

7 months ago

Screen-Warp, the Portal Fangame

Trials of Ninja ver 0.1