Kibble Quest


Kibble Quest is a 2D sidescrolling shooter for Android and iOS platforms. You play as a doggy spy agent that must track down the kibble stolen from all dog-kind by the cat mafia.

In this version, I've added a new environment texture, the snow level. Also, basic enemy characters have been added. The user can now upgrade their character with many different types of armours that will increase their health. The barrier can also be upgraded to provide extra defense.

The next version will have many more addtions to the maps, guns, and UI.


treeform 6 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics
I think the theme is nice and it works. The setting is interesting the cat vs dog has not been explored to death but its not unknown so there is tons of material and jokes to draw from. Tons of cat vs dogs jokes can be told.

I feel like the game type has been done over and over again. The style of the game goes all the way back to Space Invaders. I have not seen what special thing do you bring to the table? Games like The Last Stand brought items and upgrades and strategy to the game type. Why is your game different from all other sidescrolling shooters?

radugames 2 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I like the graphic style. Keep up the good work !

Berneons 2 years ago

Game Graphics
Try to improve your graphics and you will obviously succeed! :)
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