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Lab 7: Cold Nights

STEAM DEMOIn Lab 7: Cold Nights your first priority ist to stay alive. Stay alive to get out of this place! But you can't make it with your bare hands. You have to prepare yourself and your environment to escape!A wise foresight decides on the outcome of your fate. Misinvested coins, reckless use of electricity, and poor timing are the direct route to your demise. Explore your surroundings, build defenses and find a way to freedom. An action packaged strategy & resource management game featuring minimalist adventure elements in a 2D sidescroller world.It really would be awesome if i could get some feedback of my new game! There is a STEAM DEMO you can play! I recommend using an xbox controller, if you use keyboard press F1 to see controls in game!

Mechanics Mechanics

With some simple and clear defined mechanics this could be pretty cool!

2 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Haha nice set up & graphics. If you could add some simple core mecanics this could be a nice minni game xD

2 years ago
Level Design Mechanics

The moment i saw the main picture i thought hey this might be an interessting economy / strategy game. (Maybe i love those genres xD) but then i saw this is some rpg maker thing which im not a fan of. pitty...

2 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

i personaly would love to have some kind of upgrade menu or something else which i can use to get stronger + to have an currency which i can gather after fights to use upgrades.

2 years ago
Game Graphics

What the hell is this? there is no video, no explanation no screenshot, nothing to give feedback out but..

2 years ago

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