Into The Mouth of Hell


'Into The Mouth of Hell' is a Enemy Battle Rush. You'll take control of the main characters, Ashun, Luna, Mystic, and Stella through a total of 10 floors (more coming soon) to take on the final boss of the dungeon. 

Variety of skills are in the game!



Limit Breaks


and more to come

Please Note: This game was made purely for fun and is in no way a serious project, I will take feedback and apply them to future updates when I can as I'm very busy with real world stuff right now. Other than that I do hope everyone who plays this finds some enjoyment in this game

Also I'm working on a custom title screen so bear with the RPG Maker Default title screen (I don't like it either trust me)

For dev updates feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @5n0wGames (The handle is the same for both)

If you want to donate to me, my PayPal link is in the games credits which you can access in the main menu! Or if you don't want to do that and give me a donation right away if your reading this description, here's the link!

More levels, More monsters, More skills, and More characters!


Woland 5 months ago

Controls Mechanics
Notes as I play:
- Thank you for changing the default title theme.
- Nicely done credits with links.
- a typo in the very first message I see. We're off to a good start :)
- very mechanical intro, no lore whatsoever. Myself, I would prefer to get some kind of lore hook. Instead of "hey, this is my game, here's how it works, here's my twitter" I would rather get a very short and simple (even very cliche) something like "wow, you fell from the sky, hope you are alright, here's 10 trials that await you if you want to get out of here"
- tutorial embedded in the intro is too rushed. It mentions some Mystic, some Ninja and number of attacks at the point where all I know about the game is that we are in a grey room.
- having one character do 4 attacks instead of 1 is both OP and tedious
- was a bit weirded out when I had to push the action button to go to the next stage
- there's not much "special" about waiting if you catch my drift ;)
- I see absolutely no reason for manually restoring your party at the crystal since you will always do it anyway. This should happen automatically after every battle.
- I lost count of the floors. A counter would be nice. Just displaying map name. Just adding those names could add to the lore as well if they were creative enough.
- why do I have 900G? What for? :)

Unfortunately, this game has absolutely nothing to offer. It is all about combat, but in the worst jRPG style: close your eyes and keep pressing the action button for 25 minutes. During the first 2 battles I was curious what the new skills are. Later, I was just spamming attacks, not caring. Up until the Vampires none of the party members even went into critical state. And, like in almost every jRPG from the past 30 years, at the very end of the attackfest there's a boss that first makes you cry when you look at the 20k HP you will have to click through and then makes you sigh with relief when at 25% HP he just one-shots the whole party because why not.

Identify the core engagement of the game. Here it's not that hard. It's supposed to be combat. If that's all the game is about, make it good. Make it interesting. I would rather see a demo with a single battle that's interesting, where something happens. Where I have some problem to solve. Some puzzle. Anything, really. Look at games that did it much better: Final Fantasy 7's Battle Arena in Gold Saucer. It's still an attackfest but at least there's some risk involved in going further. Look at Teamfight Tactics from Riot: there's an element of randomness between the boring battles, adding to the engagement. Finally, look into Persona 3 to 5 - those are the only jRPGs I can remember having combat that's actually engaging and demands thinking (sometimes).

I am marking controls as the favourite aspect, because my "enter" key is nice and comfortable.

5nowGames 5 months ago

Appreciate the response and yes some ideas where rushed and mostly not really thought through entirely, but at the same this was a spur of the moment distraction kinda of game. There really was no need for me to make up some story or lore or anything (besides the fact that I'm actively busy with studies and other projects and can't find the time to do so)

As for the tutorial, it was added at the last minute and honestly the more I think about it the more I really think it was a waste of time making it. Combat wise, I am trying my best to tweak it and make it better, yes that does mean I'm removing the multi-attacks in the game as well, some people told me it was a neat idea but the way it functions brings the game down to a crawl.

Also as a bit of a spoiler, I am changing the game in it's entirety actually, at this very moment I have converted the game from a 10 room battle rush. To more of a dungeon crawling experience where you will have to explore a maze like area looking for items and a key to enter the boss room of the maze. It's all still in the building the process and as of right now still hasn't been fully play-test.

Once I have finished that, I'll have the update available to download as soon as possible.

Thanks for the roast, very appreciated :D

Woland 5 months ago

Hah, good luck with making it bigger. It's actually a very good development technique. You start with something small (10 rooms + 10 battles) and then start building on top of that. The great thing about this is with every demo you get a playable "game" not just a vertical slice of it. It might not be the best game. Might not even be good, but it's a game. Not a complete work in progress with visible holes.

One thing I forgot to mention was the fact that your game wasn't buggy at all. It had tons of issues, as pointed above, but dumb bugs weren't among them. Sure, there wasn't much space for those, but it's good to work clean.

5nowGames 5 months ago

And honestly I do see it as a good thing for me as this is my first game I've put out to the public. I'm happy to see people giving the game a shot whether they love it or hate it.

Yeah as far as I know I haven't heard from anyone about a major bug or anything in the game, I never ran into any during my play-test either so I assumed the game was bug free for now, which is surprising since the game is far from being fully complete :D

I plan to have the update ready and available to download by the end of next week so keep an eye out for it!
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