Hyper Ultra Astronautics


Hone your pilot skills in solo or co-op survival matches and challenge your friends to a competitive match. Outmaneuver your opponents, take cover behind asteroids, collect bigger guns and take down your enemies!

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is an intense local multiplayer space arena shooter for 1-16 players. Run the game on almost any PC. Play using keyboard, mouse or gamepads. Or join the match using your mobile phone as controller.

The game is currently in open beta testing. While it's primarily a multiplayer game,  the survival co-op mode can be played solo too.

  • Added a new enemy boss in survival mode.
  • Added a new enemy drone type in survival mode.
  • Added menu control from first connected gamepad.
  • Fixed remote (mobile app) controllers not requiring shoot button release after respawn.
  • Added a new enemy spawn pattern where drones teleport in at random positions.
  • Made survival mode enemy weapons a lot stronger.
  • Firing death ray disrupts own ship controls for a while.
  • Use "smoke" effect on ships only when badly damaged, not to indicate overheat.
  • Added one more projectile per burst to plasma burst to make it more effective weapon.
  • Blink ship label when the ship takes damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing too weak angular damping on all enemy ships.
  • Fixed potential random crashes when using beam weapons.
  • Made enemy drones randomly look around when they don't have a target.
  • Added contact and explosion sounds to explosion fragments.
  • Set boss explosion fragments to explode after a random delay.
  • Prevented collision response from small fragments to prevent them from altering player's heading.
  • Added white flash effect on all ships when taking damage.
  • Made all enemy bosses teleport back to arena if pushed out.
  • Fixed background sound loop unnecessarily restarting when closing controller help.
  • Updated GLFW to fix inversed Y-axis on all XInput gamepads.
  • Prevented bosses from teleporting too close to players.
  • Prevented players from respawning too close to enemy bosses.
  • Fixed a bug that made projectiles launched by already destroyed ship damage friendly players.
  • Updated SDL game controller database to latest version.
  • Implemented a workaround to a GLFW bug that caused missed keypresses on USB keyboards in Linux.
  • Fixed occasional decimal value formatting problems in the menu.
  • Marked transient power-ups with "+" sign in the title.

  • More weapons and power-ups.
  • Mobile controller application for iOS.
  • Improvements to visuals and audio.


DyingSilence 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
This game gave me nostalgic vibes of early 2000's anonymous freeware games, of which there was plenty. I liked how physics are your biggest enemy, navigation is extra hard in the floatiness. It's good on it's small own, only a little explanation would help, but learning without it what is what is also fine.

fractilegames 2 years ago

Many people have (at least initially) complained about the "floatiness" and tricky controls. I have often struggled with the decision between making it more beginner-friendly and keeping the realistic space movement. On the other hand, this should be easily approachable party game, but on the other hand, I like how the players keeps getting better and better at controlling the ship and can eventually pull off impressive maneuvers using inertia to their advantage.

Thanks for the feedback!

JWXsoftware 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I really like the look of this game....weapons, explosions, glow effect, etc... The ships glide movement looks right. I would not change that. That movement is similar to old 80's games Asteroids and Space Dual. It took me a few minutes to realize that the game is played on the PC, but the Android phone can be used as a controller. Cool. And up to 16 players..wow! It looks like you have done some great work here! (I kindof wish I could just play it on my Android phone without the PC). On Google Play, I would emphasize that it is the controller for the PC game...with links to the game.

fractilegames 2 years ago

Thanks! It's good to hear someone else appreciates the realistic-ish spaceship movement. I personally think that's a defining feature of the game. I have questioned my decision many times after getting feedback saying "the controls suck" (while player expects the speed and direction to change instantaneously).
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