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Hoopity Stick

Remember when kids played outside? When they were content to push a hoop with a stick... uphill both ways? Well, Semag Studio remembers. And that’s why we made Hoopity Stick, the best in hoop based action games! Hoopity Stick is a physics based twist on an infinite runner. No set lanes, no “jump and duck”. Just you swinging a stick to guide your hoop as best you can while collecting hard candies. Classic fun. Push your hoop down the street, past flaming cars, along narrow scaffolding, and over burst water pipes, you know, just a casual walk with your hoop and stick. And the hoop explodes if you fall over. Did I forget to mention that? Oh yeah, and sometimes it’s not a hoop… or a stick. Sometimes it’s more of an axe pushing a wheel of cheese, or a tire iron pushing a curled up snake. Or any of hundreds of other crazy hoop and stick combinations. Daily challenges force you to adapt to different hoop and stick combinations, testing your skill and creativity. Completing the daily challenge gives you bonus candies to spend on unlocking new hoops and sticks. How far can you push it?

Game Graphics Mechanics

Agree with the others here. Looks beautiful, but there is nothing that looks like a game here yet. Hope it turns out awesome though. I love the art style!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

The game loaded fine for me. But the collision seemed way off. I was a full characters width away from things and still colliding with them. I was able to climb the ladder while not even touching it. Also the movement on ladders should be slowed a lot. It feels more like an elevator. You just slide up and down nearly instantly.

7 years ago

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