Hero's Draw


Hero's Draw is a PVE card game where Inscryption meets Gwent, using the column-based combat of Inscryption combined with Gwent's turn structure. The setting is a medieval world (knights, dragons, and magic). The game currently consists of a tutorial, deck builder, and randomly generated levels with hopes to expand into a full-on story. We appreciate any and all feedback!


JoseanCastillo 1 year ago

Lack of sound. You should add, at least fx sounds, though music would be also good.
Besides, the pictures on the cards can't be seen well. You could improve that, adding color to them, at least.

tngo2001 1 year ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
The tutorial is clear and the game isn't too hard to learn, however, I think the game would be much better with graphics/pictures that are more clear.

sahilkareer 11 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
U need to improve the graphics in the game little but small changes only

robinwords 11 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
Looks like fun but the graphics could use a bit of work.

Gunroar 11 months ago

Yeah the graphics are the major problem. Fun overall though.

Reapers 5 months ago

Game Graphics
I know building cards can be long an tedious. I would recommend spending your time improving the visual, however I can see you spent a lot of time drawing. May I suggest you use MidJourney to create the card art and then you can spend your time on other things. You need to make sure the game is fun before you spend all that time making nice cards.
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