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Stick Fighter

Summary: Stick Fighter is an action game where the player controls a character in battle against another faction, and the core focus is on the interaction between the player and the AI character. In a typical matchup, both characters would have the same moveset, and every move is countered by another move, this requires that the player learn what the AI is inclined to do, and act accordingly to win a fight. Notes: If you experience any lag and your device supports automatic GPU switching, try turning it off to improve the performance. If you are unable to play the game, try using this link instead. Controls: J: Light Attack I: Heavy Attack K: Block K & J: Parry A/D: Walk A/D & SHIFT: Run SPACE: Jump  

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics

The tutorial is clear and the game isn't too hard to learn, however, I think the game would be much better with graphics/pictures that are more clear.

1 year ago

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