Forgotten Memories-Secrets of the Past


Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, like you need to eat and drink to survive. 
I put over 1015+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has 6-7 hours of game play currently. I hope you enjoy it and leave some feedback.

  1. Map is 87x85 squares big (The finished map will be 500x500 or even 2x(500x500). 
  2. Quests 85(currently)
  3. Party member 1 (Currently. More members will be added in future as I work)
  4. Interactive spells (Casting spells require to be pressed in a sequence in set amount of time to work with 100% chance of it hitting)
  5. Day/Night cycle (Unlike most of RPGMaker games, day/night here determinate if you can enter a house freely or have to pick a lock (during the night. Some events and quests  will trigger at night and quest givers/quest objective will only spawn at night (e.g.: Kill 10 owls (not an actual quest in game but for sake of reference)). 
  6. Statuses: Hunger, Thirst and Sleep (If Hunger and thirst hits 0 your character dies. As sleep goes down, so do your stats but it's not fatal)
  7. Prison System (If there are friendly NPC's around the player and he chose to steal from them, he goes to prison with two options; A) Wait (~30seconds or 2 in game days) or B) Pay
  8.  World Locations 24(170+ inside locations (including houses))
  9. Blackjack mini-game (for those who like to gamble and have fun on the side)
  10. 1000+ Interact-ables (bookshelf's, drawers, closets, boxes, etc)
  11. Lockpicking
  12. 700+ items, weapons and gear combined
  13. Crafting and Breaking 
  14. Alchemy
  15. Cooking
  16. Bestiary
  17. Achievements 
  18. Mouse/K-board- You can now chose how you want to play
  19.  Lots of events that make's you chose what to do which will shape your game experience and ending
  20. Fog of War - Rooms with doors are dark until you enter it. They go back to dark when you leave the room.  Room with no doors are normal (windows let the light in)
  21. Different Endings There will be two different endings depending on players choices 
  22. Purchasable houses - From 6.7 you will be able to buy plots and make stuff in them and edit to your taste

Hey guys! New update is out! I worked 110hours on it! A lot of new stuff in it added! But sadly, also removed (playing with mouse option).

-Added new events and quests (close to 40)

-Added purchasable houses (one atm, more will come in future updates)


-Weight to items

-Fixed Empty Flask

-Removed placeholder forests (trees in  chunks) and replaced them with single placeing

-Better shadows

-New items, weapons and armor

-Specialty vendor (from special item like Demon's Horn you can craft special Dagger and stuff like that)

-5 new world locations 

-Finished South Bagash and added stuff in it (future update will have more people and events in it

-Bank/storage- Since now items have weight, you are limited how much items you can carry in the world. This gives you option to store some stuff for a price, or if you purchase house it's free. It's stored across whole game so you don't need to go back to specific place to pick it up.

-Limited gold in inventory- to add more realism, people don't usually carry 100000 gold in their pockets, so you can store gold in banks 

-Added Tutorial Note that can be accessed anytime

-Can drop items from inventory to free up space

-Post battle information screen

-Added more in depth smelting- Now to craft bars, you need to first smelt ore to ingots and then to bars, both refining you need to access the smiting station

-Various bug fixes

-Added finally face expressions for main character (future update will have to edit that I skipped)

Hopefully the update will be well received, waiting for complains and praise!
Hope to gather money to put game on STEAM this year!

Happy 2019 and that's all!

-Adding horse fast travel (purchasable and rented)
-More quests and events
-More purchasable houses (with different ressources) 
-More world locations
-More events , people and quests in South Bagash (Downtown)
-Finishing world location (Tyst Woodland)
-Finishing few single locations
-Adding new scripts (fishing, battle order)
-Posibble addition (minimap, enemy classes and levels icons, more in depth alchemy, skill progression, passive skills, steal script)
-Added events in less filled areas
-Fixed buggs


The_Wise_One 7 months ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
Very interesting game. A lot of interesting mechanics it does look like you have invested a lot of time in it. Needs more tutorial but the tutorial note is OK, I guess.
There are some bugs here and there, but you should probably know that if you have people sending you the lists of issues found and suggestions.
I will see with another update how the game stands at.

CookiesNeedLove 7 months ago

Appreciate the info. I'm going to do more work especially with tutorial, I will probably put a island where you get tutorial and remove the note when I have more free time.
Roast Em