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Minesweeper as an adventure game featuring a mouse with a magical compass which points to the nearest enemy.  

Step next to an enemy, get hurt.
Step on an enemy, defeat them.  


armitage81 6 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
-Really liked the retro look and the UI design.
-Game concepts are not always clearly explained (I did not understand that there is fog of war, at first, and thought, there is no exit => got stuck)
-There is no sound (Firefox)
-Personally, I don't like diagonal movement in such games.
-It is not very intuitive to use the mouse for movement while not being able to target a distant tile.
-What is the narrative game target. There seems to be no story or anything.

Hopefully, the comments help to improve one thing or another :)

neutonm 6 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Nice concept. It really could use some sounds.Path finding movement could use some work - sometimes when you click character returns to previous cell and then goes to it. Sometimes it refuses to move to desired cell even if it's second one in front of you.

Although you eventually learn what is item and what is not it would be good idea to highlight these items somehow. Put a glow, a stroke or whatever just to make them distinguishable from the background. It would be also nice to have walls and other obstacles to be visually different from the floor. Making these things less lighter could do the trick.

The fog of war makes things interesting and extends the feeling of exploration. Game has potential but it needs a lot of work to be done. Keep up the good work and on't give up on it.

Divinorium 6 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I like the concept.

Pathfinding sometimes goes back one cell before going where you clicked.
While i see that it's listed as a puzzle game i believe it would be beneficial to add enemies with more health and different attack patterns so it would increase the difficulty of the game, instead of the "walk to the diagonal and kill it."
Also i think a timer or a turn counter could benefit the game.
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