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Animation Level Design

I liked the old school feeling of the game, but I was wondering what kind of "modern graphic techniques" you used. I would have liked to see a few more frames of animation in the sprites.

The level design seems a little flat. I would check out "How to Design Levels With the 'Super Mario World Method'" by Patrick Holleman

That post was really helpful when I was creating my own levels. :)

Overall, it looks pretty good. Keep up the good work.


8 years ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

The graphics were not cutting-edge, but I liked the bird's eye perspective the game has. The buildings look cool when you're walking down the street. Also, did you make your own music for the game, it really seems to fit with the mood.

With this type of game I expected a little more story. After watching shows like "Breaking Bad" I would like to sympathize more with the drug dealer types.

Overall, it looks pretty good for a Game Jam game! Looks like you had a great team to work with.

8 years ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

This game definitely reminded me of the simple games I used to play in the 90's. 10/10 points for nostalgia! Same goes for the music.

One this I personally like in a game is a bit of story. The old puzzle games were not know for their stories, but I think that could be changed in a more modern "new puzzle game." :)

There is lots of polish on the game, and overall, I really enjoyed it!

Are you working on a sequel?


8 years ago

King's Garden

Dope City

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