Distress is a roguelike game set in space where you jump from planet to planet trying to find the source of a distress signal.
The game is very early in development, with only one simple type of planet being procedurally generated, and only one class to play with. In this version, the objective of the game is to find the exit and leave the planet.
Our main objective, for now, is to find out if the gameplay works well, by being fun and challenging at the same time.

One class to play and only one type of planet being generated.

More types of enemies and more diversified maps.


Studiomobileru 7 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics
This game is rather interesting, but you need work on game graphics :)

Blue_Mirror 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Things I like: The tank's mechanics were fun, especially the screenshake of his q felt good, and the effect looked good. The hook was fun to use and his abilities complemented each other.

Things I didnt like:
The sniper feels really weak in comparison. Especially because it takes a lot of time, to hit someone (you need to wait for like 1 second until the accuracy is good enough) but the payoff isnt there, since the sniper doesnt deal a lot of damage. Maybe his camera should be higher so that I can at least feel like Im sniping people from miles away.

I had some fun with this, well done! Cheers

Chukobyte 5 years ago

Controls Game Graphics
I played as the Sniper and I think this game is a good start! I like the way it felt moving and shooting! The recoil is effect is very nice. I became a little confused when moving and aiming while the shooting line/reticles split. I didn't really see much difference in the left and right mouse button weapons.
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