CubeTube is a 3D platformer where you control a cube whose purpose is to descend as far as possible into the endless tube.

Control the cube with simple one tap controls. Tap once to jump and tap again mid-air to perform a double jump.

Scattered throughout the tube is smaller cubes that can be collected to unlock new colors.

How deep can you go?


bizexx 4 years ago

Physics Level Design
I would destroy stones after you jump off it, because they block player's view and can be confusing.

BernardsRegards 3 years ago

Physics Mechanics
I like that the camera perspective allows me to see far forward into the level, but it also's difficult to determine depth. There could be more visual indicators to help users compare their distance between the character and the platforms.

TheRichCourt 3 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
What a cool idea! This is the sort of game I see and think "I wish I'd thought of this first!". I enjoyed playing it, but true to the nature of this site, I do have some pointers.

First off, I agree with the @BernardsRegards comment that depth perception is tricky. It's hard to know what you could do to resolve this, but my first thought is some kind of texture on the inner walls of the cylinder - maybe a grid or stripes or something. Alternatively, you could go for some distance fog, so that lower platforms are visually further away. Making the depth clearer would drastically improve the game.

My only other pointer is more to do with your Play Store listing, rather than the game itself - I read somewhere before that you shouldn't include screenshots of your main menu in your store listings, and I think in your case this is definitely true, because the gameplay screenshots look great and are instantly interesting, but it's not what people see when they land on your listing page.

Keep up the good work!

TheRichCourt 3 years ago

P.S. I only put graphics as the area of improvement because I had to put something- I think the game looks great!
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