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Do you remember how to to mix colors? Show your color mixing skills in this fast-paced arcade game which will give your reflexes and brain a truly hard challenge. Let the falling blocks pass the laser by having the laser output the same color as the block. Switching the color on the laser is accomplished by turning on and off the three buttons. Should you fail match the color of the block, it will be vaporized and you will lose a life, reducing the strength of your laser. The laser will regain strength with every block you manage to score. Simply swipe the laser left and right while it's strength is reduced to move it. There are 12 different speed levels in the game, ranging from very easy to extremely hard. To unlock new speed levels you have to collect a certain amount of blocks in a single game. You can then choose to start at a higher level to avoid having to go through the lower levels each time. All score and coin gains are multiplied by the respective level number, which means that playing on a higher level will give you a higher score and more coins. Compete with your people all over the world on the global leaderboard and try to unlock all the achievements. Spend your hard-earned coins in the shop to unlock different models for the falling blocks. There are two different controls to choose between. Either you tap buttons to turn them on and then tap on them again to turn them off. Or you can choose the hold mode, where the buttons will be switched on whenever you hold your finger on them. You can also switch between three different color mixing models, namely RYB, RGB and CMY.


CubeTube is a 3D platformer where you control a cube whose purpose is to descend as far as possible into the endless tube.Control the cube with simple one tap controls. Tap once to jump and tap again mid-air to perform a double jump.Scattered throughout the tube is smaller cubes that can be collected to unlock new colors.How deep can you go?


Dodge the hazards for as long as possible and prepare to die, because you will. Feel the frustration of getting walled, eaten, shot and sawed into pieces.Features eight different game modes and hours of fun:Classic Arcade Time Attack Bullets Maze Sawmill Ghost Buster Hunt Enjoy!


ROTOR is a fast paced arcade game where you must master your timing skills to jump through the spinning gates. Collect stars while spinning around together with the catchy music and unlock new skins and different themes.◕ Simple to learn, hard to master.◕ Amazingly addictive soundtrack.◕ Have it your way: Lots of skins and themes to unlock ...◕ ... and of course a lil' secret.


Swipe forward a platform to let the balls bounce and create mayhem among the falling bricks. Stop the endless streams of bricks from overrunning you while you make sure that you keep at least one ball alive. Enjoy endless gameplay and challenge your friends to the top of the global leaderboards.   Game features: Simple swipe control. Endless gameplay. Power Ups to help you up... or drag you down! Unlock balls with your earned diamonds. Completely free. No in-app purchases. Compete on the global leaderboard.


Are you tired of people telling you to exercise more? Are you tired of people questioning your excessive food intake? Are you looking at your dusty old treadmill with disgust?   Fret not! The ultimate treadmill experience is here with a whole new destiny for your good ol’ treadmill. Automatically dispensed food rushes towards you and your goal is simple. Eat every single piece of food thrown against you until you can’t take it anymore.   Features an endless mode in which your endurance will challenged, how much can you eat before losing your focus?   Trying to become more agile while still enjoying your delicious food? Try your luck with the strenuous challenges in which you require certain skills only a skilled treadmill expert possess.

Physics Controls

I love the smooth physics and graphics. One small thing to work on with the graphics could be that making the clouds move at different speeds, to make the background more dynamic. As previously stated, tapping on the bad stuff directly to remove them feels more intuitive. I also don't quite understand the scoring system. Sometimes when I add a block on top of my tower the score increases by 1, and sometimes it does not.

Overall a great game, you got something good going on there.

5 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. Haven't thought about that with different styles, but now when you say it. Would you rather like a lasery font? And what about the sprites, how could I improve them?

5 years ago

Thank you. About the balls hitting, I have struggled to decide exactly how the balls interact with the laser. I went with that the laser is some kind of forcefield and to be able to pass through completely the ball must match the color the whole time, otherwise it will be vaporized.

About the colors, what you said is true about the RGB model where red + green + blue equals white. However, the CMY and RYB color models are subtractive mixing, which means that you start with white and mixing all the colors gives you black. Or in reality, a brown mess for RYB.

5 years ago

Through the settings menu you can switch between RGB, CMY and RYB so that everyone can use their favourite mixing model. So try to play with RGB and see if it fits you more nicely! :)

5 years ago

No problem! I love feedback. That means someone actually played the game! :)

5 years ago

I just released version 1.6.0 with updated grahpics. Give it a whirl and tell me what you think! :)

5 years ago

Yeah I'm not too happy about the title screen either. Planning on changing it. Do you have any suggestions? Also, does the game UI need improvements as well? Will also keep in mind some sort of reaction. Glad you liked it.

5 years ago

I will check it out. Thanks!

5 years ago

Working on the UI as we speek. I'm currently at this:

5 years ago

And version 1.7.0 is now out with a new UI.

5 years ago

Thanks! How would you like to see the UI improved?

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