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DragonBall : Goku vs. Jiren [QuickTime Events Test 1]

I might switch to Unity Engine for this maybe.I like quick Time Events, so I started creating tests related to that. Im just testing stuff for right now. I need feedback immediately. MOST LIKELY a WIP.Plz report any bugs/glitches in comments===================================================There are 3 endings, try to find all 3!!!===================================================Neutral Ending Hint : Both Fighters Must come to an equal===================================================Credits go to rightful sprite owners.

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hm. Some sound effects should be added to make more of a realistic experience along with parallax scrolling with more depth. Little things like these could actually make a difference as it will hype the player. If you continued going more depth I think the game would be pretty fun. Tutorial need work too.

1 year ago

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