Alien on the Earth



Oscar 4 years ago

Level Design
This is the best game!I highly recommend this game!

Red_Phantom_RP 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Poor collision 'mask' used for the main character.
Movement of the main character is very abrupt and not at all smooth
--> Poor coding for the movement
e.g. holding left then pressing up is fine
however, pressing up then left/right brings you back down immediately instead of continuing your jump's motion.
The gamplay is very limited and the mechanics are bad, also there's only one level so I can't say this is much of a game. Also there's no music or sound effects.

Still this game has a bit of potential because:
+ Graphic's are really nice
+ I like the main character, the enemy character, the cactus and grass, the icy platform, the direction signpost and the switch.

Otozip 4 years ago

Thank you for roast:)

Penteliuc 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
This game has potential. Controls are not the best out there but I like the sprites you used. I'm waiting for a new update on this game.
Roast Em