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Harry and Larry

"Harry and Larry" is an obstacle course game coming soon to iPhone and iPad. In their first animated adventure, Harry and Larry compete in the annual Grocery Run obstacle course. The player must guide the Harry and Larry twins and their grocery cart through 24 aisles. It's really easy to pick up and play. The controls are just one thumb moving Harry and Larry up and down, while they automatically fly forward. There's plenty of treats to collect from colorful fruit such as pineapples and strawberries, to sweets such as candy canes and cupcakes. There's also plenty of obstacles to crash into such as fish crates, tires, and other random stuff.   The game also features power-ups such as a shield, invincibility, speed-ups, and speed-downs to help the player as the levels increase in speed.   Let me know what you think! The iOS beta version is ready on TestFlight. This version 1.01 includes nearly everything. Full levels, cut scenes, music, and sound effects. It's just missing some in-game voiceovers.    If you're interested, email me at harryandlarry@rasterzone.com, and I'll send you an invite!   Any feedback is appreciated!      

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I like the graphical style!

It wasn't immediately obvious what to do when I started playing it. A tutorial or something that indicates how to move the ball would help.

*The "No Ads" icon looks out of place on the game screen. I'd suggest moving it to a menu screen.

3 years ago

I'm Alan, and I first got interested in making games when I was 14. (Back in the day in '98!) At the time, I was playing SimCity 2000, and I found people online making custom maps for the game using something called QBASIC. I looked into QBASIC, and that's when I discovered computer programming! The whole idea of being able to make my own programs fascinated me, so I decided to start learning how to make my own games with QBASIC. I started learning computer graphics programming first. It was so interesting, I forgot to come up with game ideas lol. But I kept busy learning the fundamentals of computers and programming, and this led me down the path of a Computer Engineering degree, and a job as an automotive software engineer.

Fast forward to 2016 - I had some free time and some spare cash, so I decided to re-visit making games for real. I started Rasterzone Entertainment, and I've made one mobile game already called Gallery Hero, which is a color-based puzzle game for Android and iOS. I'm working on my next mobile game, Harry and Larry. I'll post it for a roast soon! This site is a neat idea!

3 years ago
Game Graphics

Fun! I like the animation!

3 years ago

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