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Jaggy Battles

Jaggy Battles is a turn-based tactics game in development for Android! (Desktop and Browser to come)You head through challenging stages filled with a variety of enemies from 'lil rats to fiery hounds!Choose a starting class, level up and select the best skills and strategies to get as far as you can!

Controls Animation


It's a nice and simple game. I'd suggest adding some animations and maybe some visual / audio feedback when a correct or wrong answer is given.

It's very challenging for me but enjoyable!

8 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics


I really like the idea but was a bit confused when I kept losing lives. I thought adding the colours would create white.

When all of the colours are selected I realised it actually makes black which would be fine but the black laser has white in it so I thought it was white!

Otherwise it's enjoyable!

PS: I noticed after this there's an option to change the colour mode - a great addition!

8 years ago


I'm Johnny and I've been working as an amateur game developer for a few years now. I work on my game in my spare time whenever I can and it's really been a great outlet! I always look forward to working on it ^_^ I don't have a particular goal other than to implement whatever ideas I come up with and see how they pan out.

One of my favourite games of all time is Warcraft 3. This is partly because I love the campaign. but also because the editor got me into experimenting with my own scenarios and creations. It was what really drove me to where I am now and sparked my passion for game development.

I really like the idea behind this site and hope to meet fellow developers and roast many more games!

All the best,

8 years ago

If you fancy checking out my turn-based game you can find it here :)


8 years ago

Hello! Thank you for playing!

I've had mixed feedback on the Sorcerer. Some people said it was too weak, some too strong. I'm thinking of lowering the single target damage a little because I really like the AOE stuff as well but don't want it to be amazing at everything. It's still incredibly weak to physical attacks to keep that "glass cannon" feel.

In the future I'll be adding some enemies that will make Sorcerer players have to think a bit more too :)

You made a great point about being able to use all of your abilities in one turn. I'm going to see how lowering the number of abilities a unit can use to 2 instead of 3. Hopefully this will add more decision making rather than using every ability, every turn. I'm excited to see how that changes the pace!

I'll see how it goes and do a balance pass. Bosses included!

The player character will have unique assets depending on its class - it's just a matter of getting to it :)

Thanks again for the great feedback!

8 years ago

Hello there!

Thank you very much for trying my game!

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy playing - especially if you don't usually play this sort of game!

I'm gradually adding mechanics as I go :) For example in the next build there's going to be a spider that traps units in webs and after that, enemies will drop items to pick up!

Thank you for your feedback! Balance is always a tricky thing for me! I don't want new players to be put off if they instantly lose to the first boss and I don't want players who know what they're doing to be too bored! I'll do some more tweaks :)

Ah that's a shame! Sorry about that. I'll add "drop item confirmation" to the feature list. It'll be in for version 1.0!

Haha thank you for the advice :P You're obviously not shitty if you can play well without a tutorial in there yet!

7 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

This is a really simple but well executed game!

I love how the shapes don't move linearly and that they're displayed in different ways to keep the player on their toes!

The only thing I wasn't sure on was what the pie chart looking thing did. Also sometimes the UI buttons and elements didn't seem to register my input for some reason.

If multiplayer is in the works, I'd be interested to see how that was implemented!

Good luck!

7 years ago
Mechanics Animation

Hello there! *waves*

I finally got round to playing!

I didn't really know what to expect but I was very engaged from the start. The light and tight corridors add a great sense of immersion which I loved and kept me playing!

I tried the melee class but found the skills to feel a little less impactful than the gun slinging chap. This could have been because of the sword animation feeling a little weak and also because I enjoy strafing and dodging from range.

I really like the perk system and the UI is intuitive and smooth. With the tutorial I never felt like I didn't know what to do.

I died early on the first time I played but after that the game didn't feel unfair as I learnt how to dodge the bombs of the enemies. The first level might be a little early for the self destructing enemies as I didn't know what was killing me so quickly at first and I'd be worried it would put some players off if that happened to them.

Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to seeing how it develops as it moves through beta!

7 years ago

Dam why you come in here talking yo words about my programmer art. It be what it be. You just gotta deal son!

Thank you for the feedback!

7 years ago


Jaggy Battles