Jaggy Battles is a turn-based tactics game in development for Android! (Desktop and Browser to come)

You head through challenging stages filled with a variety of enemies from 'lil rats to fiery hounds!

Choose a starting class, level up and select the best skills and strategies to get as far as you can!

  • File size has been reduced by about 15mb.
  • The maximum Shards is now 3 instead of 5.
  • The player starts with 1 Shard instead of 2.
  • Custom assets have been added to the classes.
  • Shop assets have been updated slightly.
  • Chests have a 30% chance to spawn an item when looted.
  • Bosses now always drop a chest.

  • Revamped Class and Item selection screen
  • New Enemies and Classes
  • Additional Items


sponrad 4 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
The mechanics, menus, animations, scrolling, and pinch/spread to zoom are all really impressive, so is the music.

The text is a little small.

Some menus could use a large prompt stating what the goal is at that screen: (choose a hero, choose level ups) I got the hang of it pretty fast though.

I played the Sorcerer and thought it was a little easy? I havent had to use any items so far. It seems like being able to stack/use all of the abilities in the same turn is really overpowered, especially with two aoe moves, one that heals, and one that slows. Maybe needs some tweaking to make things a little more stressful during gameplay. It is really fun though, to teleport and use fire and hail.

The bosses that have given achievements have been pretty easy to kill also.

The playable characters could be a little more memorable appearance wise.


jaggygames 4 years ago

Hello! Thank you for playing!

I've had mixed feedback on the Sorcerer. Some people said it was too weak, some too strong. I'm thinking of lowering the single target damage a little because I really like the AOE stuff as well but don't want it to be amazing at everything. It's still incredibly weak to physical attacks to keep that "glass cannon" feel.

In the future I'll be adding some enemies that will make Sorcerer players have to think a bit more too :)

You made a great point about being able to use all of your abilities in one turn. I'm going to see how lowering the number of abilities a unit can use to 2 instead of 3. Hopefully this will add more decision making rather than using every ability, every turn. I'm excited to see how that changes the pace!

I'll see how it goes and do a balance pass. Bosses included!

The player character will have unique assets depending on its class - it's just a matter of getting to it :)

Thanks again for the great feedback!

teimou 4 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
I really don't have much bad things to say. I rarely play mobile games, but I must say I really enjoyed this one. I only had the chance now to test the sorcerer but I will definitely play more soon.

The sound design is good and it fits in with the graphics and the theme very well. The UI was clear and therefore the game was very easy to understand from the very beginning. The mechanics are pretty basic I think, but it's not a bad thing by any means.

The first boss was too easy imo. I played the sorcerer with the rat tooth and bandage thing. I killed the first boss on my first turn. Didn't really feel like the challenge that I was expecting. The next part after the boss was a lot harder though. I would suggest to make the bossfight a bit harder and then the next one or two levels after it a bit easier again.

Second thing is that I dropped the rat tooth item out of curiosity since I wasn't able to summon more rats at one point. I was a bit bummed out when I found out that the item disappeared. I'm not sure if I misread or missed completely if there was a warning about that. I noticed the pop-up that asked if I'm sure I want to drop it. Anyhow I'm usually not the guy who reads all the pop-ups and other things properly :D There might be other shitty players like me out there so beware.


jaggygames 4 years ago

Hello there!

Thank you very much for trying my game!

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy playing - especially if you don't usually play this sort of game!

I'm gradually adding mechanics as I go :) For example in the next build there's going to be a spider that traps units in webs and after that, enemies will drop items to pick up!

Thank you for your feedback! Balance is always a tricky thing for me! I don't want new players to be put off if they instantly lose to the first boss and I don't want players who know what they're doing to be too bored! I'll do some more tweaks :)

Ah that's a shame! Sorry about that. I'll add "drop item confirmation" to the feature list. It'll be in for version 1.0!

Haha thank you for the advice :P You're obviously not shitty if you can play well without a tutorial in there yet!

uNSHIFTED7 4 years ago

Boi tell me why the game characters lookin like the WTF squad and also tell me why they lookin like the bootleg ninja turtles.

jaggygames 4 years ago

Dam why you come in here talking yo words about my programmer art. It be what it be. You just gotta deal son!

Thank you for the feedback!
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