The most enjoyable portable device game ever made!
Simple as tap + gets more exciting by playing.

Start your adventure in space where shapes need to be destroyed by your input.
Collect shapes, fill your progress ring and break records.
Play with 3 powers that help you reach higher scores and more shapes for progress.

The magic 3 powers:

  • Time Wrap [ slows shapes moving speed ]
  • Whack a Shape [ your next actions will not miss any shape ]
  • Lives [ mistakes happen ]

- Multiplayer !?


BinaryMonks 3 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I am not a huge fan of tap-tap games, but this one is quite a novel member of the genre :D I like it.
Some feedback/questions:
- What am I progressing towards with the pie chart?
- You should not show adverts after I push play to start a new game.
- I am not entirely sure what the hammer power up does? I can tap anywhere and I will hit my target? If that is the case, I am not sure how it could be better conveyed... some autopilot targeting symbol... might just be personal to me though.

Not game play related but:
- Why do you need permissions to manage my calls and access my media?
- It is polite to ask if people want to be signed into play services :D

BinaryMonks 3 years ago

Ah, just read your description for the whack a shape hammer. My bad.

SimDevs 3 years ago

Thanks for the roast/feedback/questions :)

Some answers:
- You progress to fill the pie chart full and watch how it sparks at 100% [ for now ]
- The adverts should show only on each 2nd play
- Working on better explain/use for that power up, but you got it correct - when active any hit touches the correct shape!

About the other stuff:
- Need to remove that permission to manage calls [ some chartboost extra that is not needed ]
- Don’t know about that :D Looks that it’s the way to go.


fessio 3 years ago

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve
I like this game! The graphics and the animation is well done. I could understand the game very quickly. Besides the pie chart. The icons for the powers are also not intuitive. Without your guide I would not know what they do.
I think you could improve the icon of your game in Google Play. Because it does not match the desing of the game.

jaggygames 3 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
This is a really simple but well executed game!

I love how the shapes don't move linearly and that they're displayed in different ways to keep the player on their toes!

The only thing I wasn't sure on was what the pie chart looking thing did. Also sometimes the UI buttons and elements didn't seem to register my input for some reason.

If multiplayer is in the works, I'd be interested to see how that was implemented!

Good luck!

nazaire 3 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Like game graphics a lot - simple, but eye-catching, rainbow-like! But didn't understood these icons below, may be tutorial is needed.
Roast Em


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