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Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve

I was testing on the unity web platform and I don't know if it's different from the full game. Here are the pros and cons of the unity web version.

- Nice game mechanic idea
- Entertaining and varied level design that made the game stood out
- The graphic is simple but it's fit with the game mechanic

- Lack of tutorial or instruction. When I first open the game on I was immediately playing the game without scrolling down to read the instruction below and just clicking randomly because the title is named click. It might be a good idea to incorporate the instruction inside the game or change the first level to teach the player of the game mechanics like the first level of the Mario Bros game.

- The control is too fast. A lot of roasters already address this issue. I understand that faster jump gave an additional challenge for the player, but it might be the reason for the player to stop playing.

- Need restart button. Technically the player can restart by dying, but sometimes there is nothing to make the player dead and might be stuck because there is no restart button.

3 years ago
Physics Game Graphics

Physics and controls are okay. The background is dull, maybe add some variety like a cloud or something

3 years ago
Controls Game Graphics

The control is fine just like any other flappy bird clone game, but I don't understand why I was dead when the bird fly too high. The graphic is well drawn but background is static. It would be better to have a moving background. There is also a lack in contrast of the color of the background and the other game object.

3 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Simple game, it might be a good ASMR game with a good sound or maybe make it a rythm game. Currently there is no UI, no animations, and no tutorial. Keep up the work, there is a lot of work to be done for this game

3 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

- Graphic is clean
- Control is fine
- Sound is good enough

- UI is just simple white text. It's not bad, but it can still be improved
- The player boat look the same with the other boats. please made the player boat more special

3 years ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

simple physic based runner game, but the ability system gave it more depth. Some of the ability are too op compared to another. The neon graphic gave a futuristic look to the simple graphic however, there is a lot to be desired for the UI graphic

3 years ago

a simple game with simple graphic, simple control, and simple game core. it's hard to comment because it's too simple but I found that the score is added every time the player jump which is weird. Usually, the points is added when the player successfully jump to the next block. Overall not a bad start, just need one or more mechanic like obstacle or something to add more depth to the core loop

3 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

The graphic and sound design is good enough to get the player feel the atmosphere of the game. The control is simple but not polished enough. Level design need to be reworked. The first level is already too hard, the obstacle are obscured maybe add more contrast to the color, and it's not clear which floor can be used for descending.

3 years ago

This is a great game. the game mechanic is good, graphic is nice and the level design is by far the best thing for this game. I can't find anything worng with this game. very nice job man

3 years ago
Game Graphics

Nice game concept and graphic however the control is too slow for my taste. I understand that the car is in space so it's supposed to be drifting slowly, but at least a little bit more faster movement might be good especially since obstacle cars are moving quite fast

3 years ago

it looks too plain and felt out of place because of the different art direction with the game neon art. maybe make the UI with neon style too

3 years ago

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