Get lemons and survive in a treacherous sea! In the free mini game you control a boat trying to survive by defeating your opponents and using powerups. The game is short and simple but hey " it aint much but it's honest work".

Controls : 

  • Move : Arrow keys or ASDW
  • Shoot :Left Ctrl, Space or Mouse
  • Restart : Left Ctrl or Space

Here is a link to the page where you can play in your browser but I'd recommend downloading it for a smoother experience !


Seamus_M 2 months ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
What I liked:
Graphically it looks very clean and neat.
I like the concept.
I love the fact that ships can shoot each other and that mines will destroy whatever they touch, whether it be player or enemy.

What I didn't like:
For some reason the shooting sound effect is really friggin loud compared to everything else.
The new coin confetti thing is just too much. Tone it down a bit.
After death the UI on the menu is messy. Perhaps make things look more like clickable buttons rather than clickable text?

harshpoddar 1 month ago

Game Graphics
Great game! Simple yet fun.
Just one suggestion - it gets a bit repetitive too fast. Add more challenges to keep the player interested for longer

Sytka 1 month ago

Game Graphics
This is a short and fast action game with very clean graphics. I like the speed and tempo, but my view is the music-loop can be tiresome very soon.

StormRoyale_Studios 1 month ago

this game is gay. but still alright

AhmedA44 1 month ago

Game Graphics Level Design
So the graphics are phenomenol, gameplay loop is also really good, what the game is missing is an intresting level design, such as foliage ,stuff just floating in the water, maybe something as simple as fish. the plain blue is quite empty.

also i found something, if you hold two movement controls, such as left and up arrow, you cant shoot. this makes it slightly annooying in a fight. Other than that movement controls are really good.

JérômeM05 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Great overall. I like the graphics and the way the game works (I feel like that could become a good mobile game also). The concept is pretty cool, but I think there should be some texture on the water or some non-agressive environment, just to give a bit more visual feedback for when we're moving or not. Still a very good game!
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