Balloon Battles


Pop the balloons. Don't pop red or black balloons.

New updates:

  • You now lose points when purple, blue, yellow, or green balloons make it to the top, so pop them quickly!
  • There are now more balloons!


TheSneaK 1 year ago

Played Balloon Battles!
The concept is good, nice and simple.

I had to come back to the page here to read that I was not meant to hit the red or black balloons, so I think it would be a good idea to have some explanation on the game its self.

I felt like I had mastered the game in a very short space of time, is there some way you could introduce progression?

Other than that, I think you need to have some feedback when bursting balloons, even just a small sound effect, and an animation would add a lot to the game.

Neat little web game, keep up the good work! :)

future-games 1 year ago

Thank you! I have been working on a difficulty system, or more complex play, and I will add a pop sound when you pop a balloon.

Michael 1 year ago

Physics Game Graphics
It's really good .just needs some work on the graphics

future-games 1 year ago

Are you copy/pasting these roasts? :(

gr4ntz 11 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Simple game, it might be a good ASMR game with a good sound or maybe make it a rythm game. Currently there is no UI, no animations, and no tutorial. Keep up the work, there is a lot of work to be done for this game

future-games 11 months ago


OrfeasWorldGamesStudio 11 months ago

This game seems to be good but i can't play same thing with the previous game :(

future-games 11 months ago

Sorry I will fix it!!

StupidDeveloper 5 months ago

Level Design Physics
This game has amazing level design i really love it

future-games 4 months ago

:) thank you so much!

StupidDeveloper 4 months ago

Thats ok
Roast Em