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A Quest of Life

Development has been stopped at the current time. Will post again with updates soon  

Castle Mashers

A 2D action, arcade game that blends Breakout with RPG mechanics. You play a knight storming a castle saving a princess from the clutches of an evil dragon rumored to have kidnapped her. Armed with your magical flail and spikey ball, you fight hordes of fantasy-themed evil creatures in a satirical setting.Controls:Use "A" and "D" to move left and right, "Space" to shoot the ball and "1" for a ghost ball special attack (uses 2 mana).

Level Design

Unfortunately the site only locks me in 1000 characters which is really, really annoying and my feedback was really long so I uploaded a txt file with the feedback on this link below:

7 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. I am afraid I didn't get a notification when you posted the feedback.

I agree with your feedback. The game being done in RPG Maker VX Ace wasn't the best choice, this is just
a demo to showcase the features and the premise of the story.

I used everything in the RTP except music was a pack that came with my bundle purchase.

The glue looks like a small glass bottle with some clear liquid inside of it. It is in
the top right corner for the room, around the beds.

The game is right now being redone in Unity and will get a few redesigns. Hopefully,
the new writing and the new design will make it look better.

Again, thank you very much, your feedback helps a ton!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Controls


I have tried your game out and here is my feedback in no particular order; note that I didn't ready any other comments so I wouldn't be affected by others opinions:

1- The level's graphics was really cool, although it feels minimalist. But I kind of felt thrown off by the different styles, for some reason the robot, balls, red robots and the level graphic design. They don't seem to have the same feeling.

2- The story wasn't really apparent from the start. I am not saying narrative-wise, but how the world and the reason I am doing all this. However, I really liked the line that talked about humans. It felt the game might be actually deeper than just a puzzle game (reminded me of Thomas Was Alone).

3- I like the way I had to go through the levels and the puzzles. The mechanics were fun but the controls weren't so much. I didn't feel clicking the mouse button is the best approach. I would have preferred using WASD for movement and mouse for attacks.

4- The icon for the bomb is really small and easily missed. That said, the bomb itself is a blue box and it took me sometime to understand that I actually put the bomb and not just a pickup.

5- I liked that the game notifies you that you have 1 bullet but when I picked another gun I don't get 2 pullets. If that is by design, I would say perhaps have the gun unpickable that way I can understand I can pick only 1 a little better. That said, the game didn't say anything when I picked up the bomb. It was confusing.

6- At first it wasn't apparent what I needed to do with the ball and the robot until I died a few times.

7- The levels were quite repetitive in my opinion and I think it needed to have far more variety. It felt that I am replaying the same level but with more enemies that is all.

8- I liked the health bar representation and the screen effects when I get hit and the screen tint when I am almost dead.

All in all, the game looked fun and it kept me going but the level design and the oddities is what killed it for me. I completely understand this is WIP so I am not blaming or critiquing that these are there. However, I am only mentioning what stopped me from continuing the playing session even if it was rough; in other words, your game is really cool and have potential. It is interesting and looks fresh :). Good luck!

7 years ago


I tried to download the game but unfortunately the website seems not to work.

7 years ago
Mechanics Controls


I tried the game out and here is my feedback in no particular order:

1- I love the graphics and how minimalist it is. It is really cool.
2- The controls are easy to understand but they are VERY confusing when at high speeds. I suggest that you have the paddle moves towards your touch position rather than touch right it goes right and touch left it goes left. It is so confusing sometimes and I end up losing because I pressed the wrong side. It is more intuitive to press on the "other side of the paddle" rather than a screen location (left and right).
3- The game is challenging and fun.
4- Google services keeps on popping every time I restart the game. It didn't go away until I had to sign in with my account.
5- The ball sometimes doesn't bounce off the paddle specially if the paddle reflects it to a close position. For example, if let's say the paddle is at 45 degrees then the ball hit it, the ball is heading towards a position that forces the paddle to be at 50 degrees to stop it from going outside the circle 90% of the time, the ball hits the paddle and then just moves around the paddle and gets outside the circle anyway.

All in all, the game looks quite interesting and looks really cool. Collisions seem to need a bit of work and perhaps the Google services need fixing. I am looking forward to see how this game will shape up. Good work and good luck!

7 years ago

Gotcha, I see what you mean. Looking forward to your next update :)

7 years ago

Hey bionicle_fanatic,

Thanks a lot for the roast. I agree with your feedback, the game has a lot of bugs (some of which were fixed in later private builds). At the current moment we are working to polish the UI and the game mechanics. There are no more "new shoes" feel at all for example.

Hopefully the new version once done would feel much better and more fun.

Again, thanks a lot for your help ^_^

7 years ago
Mechanics Controls


I checked out the game and I have to say it is a pretty interesting premise overall. I liked the idea that the water is rising and you need to survive and based on that idea your platform around for maximum survivability.

That said the demo was extremely buggy and I couldn't understand in level 2 what I need to do exactly since pressing X is used to hit stuff too. So it was weird as I kept damaging stuff and the water dude was just on top of me. It wasn't until by luck I noticed that the water spirit can only lift me up when he is way big.

I would suggest you allows WASD with the arrow keys. I wasn't comfortable with them in all honesty. Though A and D work, the W for jumping doesn't.

I would say in the level select screen skip the part where you would have the player click on the island (after finishing the first level). Perhaps open that screen up again when the second island is open up for play.

Controls feel OK but needs polish. I am guessing this is all for testing so I won't dwell too much, but I'd make it less slippery.

There was no actual way to restart the game when I didn't die until I found the debug key "C" and there was a refresh and next level buttons. That said, I would either load the next level automatically when you win a level or bring up a UI box that gives me the option to click next level right away.

All in all, however, it seems a good idea and seems it would make for some good stories. Specially if the two characters can interact with each other with different mechanics and stuff. Good luck :)

7 years ago

Thank you very much for your feedback. The new version has that fixed a long with a few more tweaks. Hopefully we'd be able to update the game soon with a better build :).

PS: I tried to play your game but I have no controllers :/

7 years ago

A Quest of Life