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Project Strange [hacking 2d/text game] (BETA)

2 years ago by TheMatiaz0

Hello everyone! I'm TheMatiaz0. I am looking for feedback on my new game called: "Project Strange". That's a hacking game (2d/text). The game is in Open Beta state (ver. 0.8.9).
- Two (fictious) operating systems,
- Decrypter 1.0/2.0 - minigames,
- Web Browser (fictious) + softwares,
- Electronic music (made by TheViper00).

Project Strange is a game in which you have to solve the mystery of files secretly encrypted and left behind by someone named Ethan Johnson - who was killed by getting involved in a strange project. Your task will be decrypting these files and deleting them once and for all in the k_OS operating system based on real operating system like for example Linux, in the game you can do everything in the real operating system, e. g. moving icons, checking web browser (fictious), turn Painting software and draw whatever you want. There are about 20 puzzles in the game, and great freedom (you do not have to keep doing main missions constantly). If you like hacking games, you will like this.

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