A super fun mafia game where you do three major things, build your city, compete against families, and cause the greatest Mafia Disaster you can.   Any and all download buttons will just bring you to the site so play it there without downloading and share with friends.

no more limit to cash

More levels, more places to rob, and more people to attack but that depends on if u share the game with your friends or not.


SilentKiller 7 months ago

Game Graphics
It looks amazing anyone can agree with me, I mean yes I am the creator of it but it is super fun and addicting I play it all the time on my phone, laptop, tablet, iPad, anything I can use to play it I am playing it so don't judge but its addicting

DyingSilence 5 months ago

So, you've used a cashgrab engine to create one of hundreds of forks of the same game.
As I can tell, it combines all the optimal browser game tropes and addictive practices into one monstrosity. Disgusting.
A dash of dubstep music combined with a watermarked, weirdly cut still image is not a good trailer.
You shall not make the download section misguiding. That's actually harmful to your shady practices, as the missnamed links can offput potential players.
There isn't really much to say. You can thank me for the roast, as it gives you more probability to get featured, but this game certainly doesn't deserve that.
Also, praising your own game in a roast is suspicious, not to say pathetic. Hope you can do better than this in the future.

TheMatiaz0 5 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
The game is great, mainly because amazing graphics and mobile/browser versions, but three things:
1. Animations in PvP are slightly numb,
2. The game also needs more features,
3. The trailer is too short and not fit (only dubstep music and 15 sec).

simple-games 5 months ago

Controls UI Graphics
It does not say a warning from the beginning i suffer from disease which will make you need to get medical conections from theese types of games
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