Holzchopf 1 year ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls
Very creative! I like how you put the instructions on the doormat (I guess it is) instead of just placing them somehow, nice opening =)

The controls are weird tho. When I press (and hold) down a key to move, the player first takes one step, stops and after a while he starts moving constantly. It's like you were listening to the keystrokes and their retriggerings. Is there no function that tells you if a key is currently down? Would make the movement smoother and also the way it is now feels like having a lag.

Oh and when shooting a lot of arrows the game becomes super slow. Maybe you could restrict the rate at which you can shoot or the number of arrows that can be in the air..?

lulu1004 1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback. I am currently patching projectile lag and hope to release a new corrected version soon. I could not reproduce the bug with movement lag unfortunately, but I will work on it. Thanks for taking the time anyway, very appreciated!

lulu1004 1 year ago

display during movement should be smoother with new upload now! Thanks for noticing!
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